The eBay Detective

A Series of Novels


Many novel series are based entirely on fiction. The eBay Detective is based on real-life military mysteries, crises, and other events. Nearly all locations described are real places where the events occurred. The fictional part comes in resolving mysteries or scientific puzzles that have never been settled in the real world.

In many novel series the lead character remains essentially the same throughout. For instance, James Bond has been the same age and rank for over fifty years of books and movies. The characters in The eBay Detective series evolve, change, and grow over time as if in real life. For instance, the hero gets engaged in Book 1, gets married in Book 2, has kids in Book 3, and so on.


Most of the characters in The eBay Detective series are based on real people. Their names and certain characteristics have been changed to protect their identities. Some story characters are composites of two or more real people.

Major Brad Stout is an active duty US Army officer working at the real Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. A key part of his job is monitoring on-line sales of radioactive materials and information to help protect the public from those intending harm.

Mary Lou Boudreaux, Brad’s love interest, hails from Cajun country in southern Louisiana. The proverbial sweet girl next door, she can also turn into a real “Ragin’ Cajun” when necessary to protect her honor or family.

Mary Lou’s parents, Pierre and Josephine Boudreaux, become major characters in Books 2 and 3. They are two of the most colorful Cajuns ever to leave St. Martin Parish, Louisiana.

Each book has its share of villains, nemeses, and unexpected allies, but we can’t spoil the surprises by naming them here!